Marine Business Sale

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Are you planning to sell your marine business? We are marine business sales experts and can help you with the transaction from start to finish. Whether your company manufactures and/or sells products, transports people or products, provides fishing tours or sunset cruises, or tows other vessels, we are with you every step of the way.

Maritime businesses may or may not have a vessel or a fleet. Maritime businesses to us are any businesses that provide a product or service for the marine industry. We know how to properly evaluate your company, which is the first step in the process. After that comes the marketing phase, and finally – the sale. We provide consulting and prep work to help you maximize the value of your assets and minimize obstacles to ensure a successful sale.

Selling your marine business takes a lot of work. That is why it’s essential to have guidance throughout the process. Our experienced real estate and business brokers know how to set a price, market your business, and negotiate with potential buyers, as well as navigate complex legal issues.

Call Barry at 954-448-2598 or email him at to discuss your marine business sale.

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