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Our Maritime Business Sales Philosophy

Our approach centers on collaborating closely with clients to understand and align with their unique needs. We commit to fulfilling our promises and ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership. Our Maritime Business Sales expertise extends to handling diverse aspects of these sales, including the sale of commercial properties and other assets. Our commitment to clarity sets us apart: a quality that our clients deeply value. Regular communication and clear transparency throughout the divestiture process are hallmarks of our service, distinguishing us in the field.

Our Story

Barry Frette, a Sr. Associate with William Raveis South Florida, took on an assignment in 2017 for the divestiture (sale) of a Maritime company, and it was immediately clear that Maritime Business Sales was the perfect industry for us to work in. You could say that the Maritime industry chose us.  We have had hundreds of phone conversations and meetings with maritime and marine vessel companies and decided to focus on Maritime Business Sales. The reason was simple: there is no better and more trustworthy industry in the United States today. The people in this industry are old-fashioned honest dealers who do business on a handshake, and we enjoy working with them.

Meet Barry

Our Maritime Business Sales process is a collaborative team effort, from welcoming you as a new client and fostering strong relationships to meticulously preparing business valuations, marketing, and ultimately selling your business. Barry excels in this arena, unparalleled as a "hunter" in identifying and attracting a multitude of potential buyers for your business.

Barry Frette Maritime Business Sales
Barry Frette Maritime Business Sales

Barry stands out as an exceptional business consultant, prioritizing transparency, nurturing client relationships, and, crucially, excelling in identifying the ideal buyers for your maritime business and all of its associated assets.

Next Steps...

Call Barry at 954-448-2598 or email him at to discuss Selling Your Maritime Business.

For assistance with non-maritime commercial transactions, please visit Frette Commercial