Selling Your Maritime Business

We specialize in the marketing and divestiture of maritime businesses and marine related properties nationwide. We focus on companies with less than 100 employees and up to $20 million in revenues.

Business Valuation

Knowing the value of your maritime business or marine business is important. We do your business valuation to determine the value of your business.

Tracking & Accountability

Transparency is paramount. We track all of our activity and provide you with quarterly activity reports. We discuss every offer with you.

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Value Proposition

Simply listing your company for sale on the listing exchanges does very little to help you maximize the price you get when selling your tugboat company or when selling your maritime business. A proactive approach with marketing is paramount. Having an extensive database of maritime business buyers and sellers is also extremely helpful. We have all the data.

Because of our marketing approach, the benefit to our clients is having more eyes see your information which leads to more offers and ultimately a higher price for your maritime related business.

How Does Your Process Work?

You have a marine related business and for whatever reason, you are at a point of retirement, working through a probate situation, or you have decided to cash out, this may be that point for you and you are exploring your options.

You will want to know everything about how the company you choose will valuate and market your maritime business and assets. This will be important to you and many maritime business sales companies claim they are the best at marketing your company. We provide our plan and detail our services and marketing plan in writing. The more eyes that see your information leads to more targeted marine related qualified buyers. The more offers you receive inevitably leads to maximizing the price we get for your maritime business.

When selling your maritime business or when selling your marine related business, our mariner business clients appreciate our marketing and game plan, our communications and quick responses, our methodical onboarding process, and ultimately our results.

How do we sell  your maritime business? We assess your needs and if we agree it is the right fit to work with each other, we then move forward. You receive an itemized checklist of all information we need. This includes financials, contracts, asset valuations, servicing records, and more.

Onboarding a new maritime business client consists of doing the maritime business valuation of their maritime company, and then creating their Offering Memorandum that conveys information to prospective maritime business buyers so they understand the nature of the maritime business offering.


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Next Steps...

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