Frequently Asked Questions:

These are the most frequently asked questions we have heard during previous transactions.

What are your fees?

Our fee structure is flexible. Generally, we charge a commission of 10% on the gross sale of your business. Should there be a need for compiling and reconstructing your financials, additional upfront fees may apply for this service.

Who handles negotiations?

As a maritime business owner, your knowledge of your own business and vessels is unparalleled. We arrange thorough inspections of all vessels, and during these inspections, we highly recommend your attendance. This permits you to share your insights about the vessels and other assets, adding invaluable context for potential buyers. Our Process

How do you evaluate my maritime business?

Our standard approach involves applying a multiplier to the Net Operating Income to determine value. However, the presence of risk factors, such as reliance on a limited number of contracts rather than a diverse portfolio, can impact the valuation.

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