Subchapter M Regulations

This new Subchapter M Regulations compliance measure by the Coast Guard can be timely and cost prohibitive. Many small tugboat or marine related companies are evaluating their exit strategy due to these circumstances. We can help you should you decide to divest.

Furthermore, it is Subject to USA Flag-towing Vessels engaged in pulling, hauling, or pushing. Construction, design and certification of commercial vessels.

Additionally, accommodation space means any sitting area, lounge, messroom, quarters, sitting area, recreation room, gallery, toilet space, shower room, berthing space, clothing changing room or a similar space open to individuals.

Hence, berthing space is a space that is used for sleeping and has bunks and bedding. Further, there are more definitions here:  Subchapter M Regulations

This is a full audit performed on a vessel. It is an examination to evaluate activities and related results to see if they comply with the vessels towing safety management systems – TSMS, or with another SMS – Safety Management System. These activities are evaluated to determine whether they were implemented suitably to achieve your desired objective.

Consequently, the examination is a comprehensive review of certain reports, records, documents and other evidence that will help confirm compliance with mandated requirements. Subchapter M Regulations

For instance, things that may be included in audit are reviewing records, examining training records and work environments, inspecting equipment to ensure it is operational and properly maintained, watching skilled persons performing specific tasks that align with their assigned duties, and questioning responsible workers about their assigned responsibilities.

Lastly, the audit is typically limited to a random selection or sampling that can provide the auditor with enough evidence of system compliance. Also, all owners of more than one towing vessel are required to have a Certificate of Inspection – COI by subchapter m regulations.

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