Marine Business Sale

Marine Business Sale – Are you looking to sell your marine business? How do you valuate a maritime company?

We give you a checklist of items we need such as financials, tax returns, contracts, vessels and descriptions, other assets, properties, vessel repair receipts, etc. Marine Business For Sale

Furthermore, did you have any vessel rebuilds and what are the dates of the rebuilds? Did you refurbish any of your vessels?

Are vessels Subchapter M compliant?

Routine Maintenance Marine Business Sale:

More importantly, what kind of maintenance logs have you kept? Notably, what kind routine and non-routine maintenance has been performed on any of your vessels? Also, what are the engine hours since overhauls? How often do you perform routine maintenance?

Non-routine Maintenance Marine Business Sale:

Even more specifically, were there extensive rebuilds, main engine replacements, propeller, tail shaft, cutlass bearing, rudder and gearbox work; machinery and systems renewal, interior renewal and hull plating renewal. Also, do you have any UTV ultrasonic thickness gauge readings of the vessels hauls?

What kind of navigational systems do they have? Are they dated? What kind of safety equipment are they equipped with? Furthermore, do you have experienced crews to run them and equally important, what kind of tenure do they have? Marine Business Sale

Additionally, we evaluate your revenues to determine your net operating income and we use a multiplier of NOI to determine your value. Subsequently, we evaluate your contracts for terms, annual revenues derived from each contract, what the utilization as far as billable days and the concentration of risk associated to each contract.How do we value a company? These are some of the factors.

Other factors to be addressed are outstanding loans and debt, the current market situation and economy, as well as the reputation of your company. Marine Business Sale